Mvuma Chimney

Why Visit?: A historic landmark well-known to road-users to South Africa and a distinctive aid to Air Force pilots for many years training out of Thornhill. Peter Jackson, one of Zimbabwe's best known architects, describes the Mvuma chimney as a handsome example of industrial architecture; less a chimney than a Tuscan column of fine proportions. He says its construction was a significant achievement in the bush in 1913..

Driefontein wetlands

In Zimbabwe such wetland ecosystems include flood plains, artificial impoundments and pans. All of them share the common factor of having excess water retained or passing through for a long enough period to influence the soil characteristics, land use and life forms that flourish within them.

Driefontein and Sanatorium Hospital

Driefontein, sometimes also called Guta by local people, is Afrikaans for three fountains after the site first selected before the move to the present-day mission station in 1908. The mission is known for: Having one of the best hospitals, best schools and used to train teachers.

Gonawapotera Pool

Places that are regarded as holy are highly esteemed in most religious institutions. Such places are revered because they denote the converging points of human beings and the divine. The fundamental questions addressed in this study are: what makes a place holy? Do Christians share sacred places with other religious groups?

Leornard Musorowenyoka Dembo's Grave

Leonard Dembo who was affectionately known as Musoro weNyoka was a talented Zimbabwean Sungura musician, songwriter and a guitarist who rose to stardom with his hit "Chitekete" which was played as a signature tune at the 1996 Miss World Pageant which was held in Namibia.