Since 2018

Who Are We?


Founded in 2018 Africa Centre for Business Studies College Trust (ACEBS College) is a private boarding and day school in Mvuma. Situated at the heart of Zimbabwe, along the highway that connects major cities of Harare, Masvingo, Gweru, Bulawayo and Mutare, ACEBS College is easily accessible from all directions. Through Cambridge, Zimbabwe Examination Council (ZIMSEC) and HEXCO syllabi we ensure that our students receive a balanced and challenging curriculum to bring out the best in every student. By combining the state-of-the-art science and computer laboratories that provide contemporary digital ICT-driven learning facilities, highly qualified teachers, small class sizes (1:20 teacher student ratio), academic excellence, affordable tuition fees and a superior serene learning environment, ACEBS College is the private school of choice. We believe in equal education for all and are therefore non-discriminatory on any basis but are dedicated to full development of every learner in preparation for life challenges. ACEBS College welcomes all.

Our Vision

To be the leading Cambridge academic excellence hub of Zimbabwe by 2025.

Our Mission

As a high school student-centred educational institutional, ACEBS College will achieve its vision by adhering strictly to the highly tried and tested education global standards in its service delivery. Our mission is to groom and develop a responsible, motivated, self-disciplined, life-long learner and leader with unique academic, personal and social growth. We strive to promote sustainable education where learners’ habits of intellectual inquiry, independent thinking, appreciation of arts, physical fitness, international knowledge, environmental entrepreneurship, and respect for self and others are continually inspired and challenged.

Our Philosophy

We believe in sustainable education and a challenging learning environment that provides long-lasting learning experiences individually and collectively. Taking cognisance of each child’s uniqueness, ACEBS College seeks to develop and nurture each child’s distinct interests and abilities as a way of providing unique and outstanding learning experience which addresses the whole child who is relevant and can offer sustainable solutions to societal challenges.   

  • Excellence

  • Student focus

  • Diversity

  • Collaboration and Public Engagement

  • Ethics and Dignity

Teaching Methods

The College always engages learners through ICT driven learning, use of overhead projectors in each class and viable computer and science laboratories. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:20 and a computer to student ratio of 1:1. We have experienced teachers who have the expertise in the use of traditional teaching methods and e-learning methods.

Principal Statement

Finding the right educational institution for one’s child can be a daunting task and by showing your interest and choosing ACEBS College as the perfect school for your child, I want to thank you and can assure you that ACEBS College will be your partner of choice in this journey. ACEBS College’s academic standards that blend traditional and contemporary teaching methods serve to provide rich, comprehensive and challenging Cambridge, Zimsec and HEXCO curriculum that ignite and stimulate slow learners, above average, bright and gifted learners to attain the appropriate intellectual, social-emotional and cognitive development levels that make them fit anywhere within the global system. Our foreign and international languages on offer including Chinese, Spanish, French ensures that our graduates are ready for both study and work in abroad tertiary institutions and workplaces, respectively.


ACEBS College is found on the overarching philosophy of helping students to “rise to the challenge or occasion” and true to our philosophy as a private school we provide each child with all the resources they need for complete learning experience and motivation to succeed. The school’s personal environment not only allows us to provide individualized necessary opportunities, skills, and attitudes to succeed in life but also allows us to know each student and parent so that, together, we can guide the earliest years of each child’s formal education in the pursuit of life-long learning.

While schools have recently been forced close shop or cut short their calendars, ACEBS College has chosen to enrich its learners’ school experience by resorting to e-learning school and vacation school.

Please note that ACEBS College is a family of learners and thinkers, and we hope to welcome you into our family and learn more about you. Come get to know us by visiting our school campus and our team will be happy to take you through a tour of our school. Call +263 717 340 372 for more information, and feel free to contact me with any questions. It is my pleasure to help in any way.

Vice Principal Statement

The situation of the college offers the opportunity of good scenery. A fascinating place that is attractive in adventure. A place that refreshes the soul and mind .We are very proud to be more private too because we are a very small community.



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