National Clean-Up Day on October 1st, 2021

The world is moving towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and Zimbabwe certainly contributes to this vision as shown by the Presidential declaration on National Clean-up Day every first Friday of each calendar month. Addressing wastes management that contributes towards the achievement of SDG11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG12 on Responsible Consumption and Production respectively. In support of this initiative, ACEBS College led by its Director in conjunction with the Chirumhanzu Rural District Council, Environmental Management Agency (EMA ) and Ministry of Health.

“Zero Tolerance To Litter, My Environment, My Pride”  ACEBS ACEBS students chanted while picking up litter. This helped create awareness among Mvuma residents on waste management & the importance of taking care of their own environment. The 3 hours spent on this campaign was a great success as it left the town tidy.

2022 2nd Term opening

Next term opens on 9 May 2022

We kindly remind students, parents/guardians and any other stakeholders visiting the college towards opening days and at any other time to strictly adhere to COVID-19 preventive regulations and precautions.

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